Since our inception in 2000 we have invested in over 100 companies in B2B SaaS, enterprise software, fintech, digital media, medtech, biotech, ag and food tech, and consumer products. 

If your company aligns with our early-stage and industry focus and you are looking to raise between $50k and $3 Million, then the Sacramento Angels might be a fit for you.  Although we may not take your entire investment round, we have extensive relationships through the Insync Angel Network and beyond to help you achieve your funding needs.  We can lead a deal or follow another lead investor.

We’re looking for smart, passionate entrepreneurs with great ideas and early execution momentum

What We Look For

Successful startup applicants are able to demonstrate: 

  1. Growing market/business opportunity with a potential of generating $50M to $100M in annual revenues over first 3-5 years
  2. Compelling value proposition with a well-articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share
  3. Competitive advantage based on proprietary technology (IP), unique marketable solution, or business deals/leadership
  4. Strong founding leadership with key management positions in place (not necessarily a complete team) with a relevant and successful track record
  5. Tangible market traction and/or market validation with customer and/or partner references
  6. Well defined capital needs sufficient to accomplish significant milestones to attract the next level of funding
  7. Clear vision for an exit strategy for investors

Although we prefer a Northern California location (or close by regions of adjacent states), we will consider any startup company based on how well they meet our investment criteria.

How We Work

  • Application & Screening Process

    The Sacramento Angels accept applications through Dealum.  Typically, companies that apply come either through direct application or referrals from members/partners.  Our Selections team reviews all applications and narrows the list to a select few based on how compelling the business and related investment opportunity is for our group.  This may involve pre-screening sessions with select applicants.  From that process, two companies are selected to meet with our full group at one of our investor meetings.

  • Investor Pitch

    We hold investor meetings every 6-8 weeks (2 companies present at each session).  These are highly interactive sessions involving a combination of formal presentations, demos, and Q&A.  We typically provide immediate feedback on our interest level at the meeting.  This can be either to move straight into a group due diligence effort to consider for investment or to offer ongoing assistance for future consideration.

  • Investment

    The investment due diligence can take from a few weeks to a few months.  The more prepared you are with a completed due diligence form, comprehensive data room, and references, the faster the process goes.  If due diligence is positive, investment terms are negotiated unless they already exist, and then a due diligence report is circulated to the entire Membership to determine final interest.  The majority of our investments are made through a single transaction via our LLC although we also allow our members to directly invest.

  • Post Investment

    As experienced entrepreneurs and business executives, we will assist our portfolio companies as needed.  Sometimes, as part of the investment, and depending on the deal terms and the extent of our participation, members may serve on your board of directors, or act as an advisor in a business or domain sense.  We are also often a source of connections to downstream investors, customers, partners, and talent.  Ongoing communication is critical. We expect to hear regular updates on your progress and any opportunities where we might assist you in your success.

How to Apply for Funding

Tips for a successful application:

  • Review our investment criteria and make sure the information you provide with your application fully addresses the key areas we are looking for.  
  • It’s important to include financial highlights – trailing twelve months and projections.  
  • Be sure to indicate the current status of your raise, prior money raised, your expectations on deal terms, and any other relevant deal info.  
  • Consider sharing your business in advance of your actual raise by informally networking with our members and group.  We enjoy getting to know emerging companies and their founders in our area. 
  • Be sure to check the  due dates for applications. In 2024:  Jan 9, Feb 20, Apr 9, Jun 4, Jul 16, Sep 3, and Oct 15.

Accelerate your business with the Sacramento Angels:

Sacramento Angels Greg Connolly

“The Sacramento Angels were able to see our vision before any other investors did. They connected us to vendors & industry experts and provided consulting support for our financial modeling and cohort analysis. Pitching to the Sacramento Angels was one of the best early steps I took.”
Greg Connolly

Sacramento Angels Bill Perry

“Working with the Sacramento Angels was among the easiest of the angel groups from which we raised funds. The diligence process was efficient, and the LLC investment model meant we could get more critical mass and investments of various sizes in just a single cap table line.”
Bill Perry
Deep Blue Medical Advances, Inc.

Sacramento Angels Iris Wedeking

“The team at Sacramento Angels was a pleasure to work with throughout the diligence process. Each member of the team was truly engaged and showed an interest in collaborating with us to achieve our goals.”
Iris Wedeking
CEO & Co-Founder

Sacramento Angels Alex Alpert

“The Sacramento Angels provided us the support and network that we needed to disrupt the moving industry and grow the #1 online moving marketplace.”
Alex Alpert
Founder & CEO
Shyft Moving

Sacramento Angels Lokesh Sikaria

“We have co-invested in multiple companies with the Sacramento Angels. Their breadth and depth of expertise is a significant value add for our mutual portfolio companies which enables higher rates of success.”
Lokesh Sikaria
Founder & Managing Partner
Moneta Ventures

Sacramento Angels Roger Akers

“The Sacramento Angels provide a primary source of investment capital for new businesses in the Sacramento region and, through its membership, have deep syndication relationships for additional investment.”
Roger Akers
Managing Partner
Akers Capital